Teachers at UNH United-AAUP and the University of New Hampshire have jointly announced that they have agreed on a new contract. The new collective agreement expires on June 30, 2022. Teachers have worked without a contract in recent years. Purdue University Global confirmed that it eliminated forced arbitration agreements for students, which generated a significant gain for AAUP`s Indiana chapters that opposed clauses. Rutgers AAUP-AFT, the bargaining unit that represents full-time faculty and university employees at Rutgers University, is blessed by its members to declare a strike if contract negotiations fail. Eighty-eight percent of their members voted to allow union leaders to call a strike. The National Labor Relations Board has decided that graduate research and teaching assistants have the right to collective bargaining under the National Laboratory Relations Act. Faculty members` channels have been raised in several recent cases about the terms of their institutions` agreements with online program management providers – and their participation in defining those conditions. Today, the AAUP wants to enable trainers in these debates, thanks to a set of resources under the roof “Education instead of privatization”.

The UIUC`s non-tenure faculty secured a provisional contract with the University of Illinois and voted to cancel its 2-day-old strike. Negotiations at the end of the negotiations for the KNA 2010-2012. It replaced only the previous Article 10. Approved by the BOT on 21.07.2011. Collective bargaining has proven to be a means of improving teachers` working conditions. Administrators with superior Eds should not view this as a threat to their industry – the real threat is staff who are considered “disposable”. Since the nlRB judgment of August 2016, which extended the right to bargain to higher education graduates in private universities, higher education graduates` unions have spread rapidly over the past two years. For postgraduate assistants who hope for a voice at work through collective bargaining, much depends on the cases before the NLRB. Risa Lieberwitz, General Counsel of AAUP, says: “Universities have the position that they should be in a position of unilateral control.

The publication of donor agreements signed by George Mason University with the Charles Koch Foundation and other benefactors has revealed provisions that allow donors to participate in faculty and curriculum decisions.