No additional agreement is required. The contentious point is their implementation, as they have been violated by the People`s Liberation Army in pursuit of its strategy of “nibbling and negotiation”. In fact, all of these agreements have only helped China consolidate its claims over a period of time by waging a “bulletless” war. If the two sides follow the course of the five-point agreement, the next steps will be decided in the sixth round of high-level military talks, which are expected to take place shortly. In Delhi, Singh and the country`s top military debated the deal in five points, government sources said. The agreement, in which the two countries said the current situation in the border areas was not in the interest of both sides, was reached during “open and constructive” talks between Foreign Minister Saishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Thursday evening in Moscow. The five points can be suspected at one point. We expect the Chinese to return to the positions adopted on May 1, 2020 and restore the status quo ante. The agreement seems hopeful, but not optimistic. The Chinese side has not explicitly spoken of backing down its armed forces. Even if they seem loyal during conversations, but the world knows China.

The Chinese say one thing and do exactly the opposite. History is tenacious evidence. Finally, words do not matter much, words must be translated into deeds within the LAC. China has been talking about d├ętente since May, the NSA has met with its counterpart, defense ministers have met, fm has made contact twice, brigade commanders have daily operations on the ground. But all this remains woven into words; They have positioned themselves in large numbers at the Lake and the situation at the borders is still tense. The damage they have done to relations, 40 years of understanding, 22 rounds of SR talks, two informal summits between the prime minister and the Chinese president, all have been destroyed. He threw out the window all the agreements, conventions, CBMs agreements to the next level. The hope of an immediate easing between the crisis is therefore a categorical “no”. Realistically, there is not enough reason to be optimistic. We should never let our guard down. We should continue to be monitored in these areas, because it is not easy to trust the Chinese.

China was the first exit from the bloc to issue a press release on the meeting. “After a thorough and thorough discussion, the two sides reached a five-point consensus on the current situation,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry`s reading said. .