8. Riversand will confirm incident reports for assistance tickets that will be submitted through the Riversands support portal. For each incident, a unique identifier and the customer`s incident reference identifier are provided to the customer. Riversand will be responsible for incidents reported by Riversge or reported by Riversand`s own monitoring tools. Each support ticket is given priority depending on the priority of the assistance ticket. After the 60-day stabilization phase immediately after the customer`s go-live commercial offer, Riversand will prioritize the incidents as follows: 2. Applicability. Subject to the terms of the subscription agreement, Riversand guarantees that the offer (as defined in the subscription contract and described in more detail in the order form) has a system availability of 99.5% calculated over a calendar year reference period (the “accessibility guarantee”). a.

Confidentiality. . With respect to the offer, each party acknowledges that it may have access to confidential and proprietary information of the other party (“Confidential Information”). “confidential information,” the offer in all its forms of execution; The terms of this agreement (including pricing); A party`s business, technical and financial information; The functionality, functionality and performance of the offer Any material, data, documentation or specifications provided by any of the parties in accordance with this agreement; Inventions and other proprietary processes and processes; Product and program names, templates, specifications and descriptions; Research and development information; Methods of implementation Names and other information provided by suppliers and pricing. For the purposes of this section 7 bis, the party that discloses confidential information is the “discloser” and the party receiving that confidential information is the “recipient.” (i) the recipient must use the same care to protect the confidentiality of the discloser`s confidential information used by the recipient to protect his or her own confidential information of the same nature, but in no way less than due diligence; (ii) not disclosing this confidential information or its parties to third parties without the disclosure`s consent; (iii) All executives, executives and subcontractors (“representatives”) have access to this confidential information in order to preserve the confidentiality of confidential information on terms that are no less restrictive than those exposed to it; and (iv) not to use, reproduce or copy such confidential information, unless expressly authorized. Nevertheless, Riversand may disclose the Client`s confidential information to its third parties only to the extent necessary for offers to be made under the agreement and has the right to use and disclose customer data in accordance with the restrictions imposed by the privacy policy. In addition, the recipient may disclose confidential information from the Discloser if necessary to comply with a court injunction, subpoena or other government request (provided that the recipient, unless otherwise prohibited by current law, first warns the Discloser and gives the Discloser the opportunity to challenge such a court injunction , subpoena or government debt). The obligations in this section do not apply to information that: (i) is not or will not be made public by any unlawful act or omission of the recipient; (ii) the recipient may prove that he was legally owned by his related companies prior to disclosure; (iii) is legally communicated to the recipient by a third party, without limitation of the recipient`s advertising; or (iv) the recipient can demonstrate that it was developed independently of the recipient, without reference to confidential information.