Blum: Ryan`s response is full of converging and imprecise statements about key aspects of Esports` business. I have no evidence to suggest that sponsors perform more in sponsoring individuals as teams, or even that sponsors perceive it as a bargain. Similarly, his assertion that teams fail to maximize their revenue from media platforms, leagues, publishers or other sources and simply extract more and more players is very problematic. Due to its nature, esports is a much more dynamic sports field compared to the traditional sports sectors, and it is possible to maintain flexible training and work schedules. Although the relationships of Esports players accepted as professional athletes with the teams are not covered by the labour law, it is important to determine working schedules in accordance with humanitarian conditions and human rights and to prevent violations. One of the points that needs to be taken into account and arranged in a wide range should be the working time in contracts between teams and players. Although there is no law in our country that directly regulates the right to esports, it is found that some countries have conducted legislative studies in this area. For example, Under Law No. 2016-1321, which came into force in France in 2016, specific provisions are provided for the contracts of Esports players. In particular, in this context, special provisions have been made in the area of the esports law with numerous mandatory provisions such as authorisation from the ministry, so that a team can have a contract with the professional player Esports, the contract between the team and the player must not be less than 1 (one) season, this contract must not exceed 5 (five) years and Esports players under 12 years (twelve) cannot participate to an award-winning season tournament. In our country, legislation is important for the development of the esports ecosystem and to ensure uniformity.

Last month, professional Dota 2-player Jacky `EternaLEnVy` Mao published a 5600-word blog post about his time in one of Europe`s leading esports organisations. These include allegations of unfulfilled wage commitments, unauthorized deductions on price gains, and significant delays in payments to players. But one of the most troubling parts of EternaLEnVy`s intervention – and the other that is at the centre of a series of assertions – is the obvious lack of contracts between the organisation and its players. 8. Zero and empty. In the event that [PARTY B MEMBER] ceases a longer period [1) warning week, two (2) weeks of termination] without a game of tournaments and games, or if participation in the organization [PARTY A TEAM] ceases completely and without prior knowledge or advance of an owner or collaborator of [PARTY A TEAM], this contract is cancelled by [PARTY A TEAM] which leads to the end of [PARTY B MEMBER].