The balance of 60% of the value of the contract was paid after receipt of the OC. The OC has just been received. This 60% payment is made by the bank in the form of a home loan. Is the TDS applicable when buying an apartment if all proceeds from the sale of a home are used for the purchase of another home? Thanks in the case of the approval of the apartment of the 1st buyer to the 2nd buyer agree to sell up to 10,000, while the sale agreement s/w 1. The buyer and owner was at 15,000. TDS 2. The buyer had to deduct at what rate. Please read – I paid a small amount during the sale contract without withdrawing the TDS and a few months later, plan to pay the rest by subtracting TDS (the amount of the sale) during the registration of the property. Is it okay to pay the TDS once in Govt after the sale settlement made? Do I get a late fee for the amount of the contract I paid without deducting TDS? People with disabilities can apply for exemption for the sale of real estate. an urgent requirement. Sir, if an agreement is reached on June 22, 2020 and the property is second-hand. Loan from the bank is still being processed, the credit agency will receive a deposit into the buyer`s account and then the buyer will pay the same to the seller. is 30 days of calculation is from the date of the agreement or the date of payment to which the buyer will pay the amount to the seller.

if the buyer pays the seller after three months. then, what is the date of deposite .pls tds suggest as soon as possible. Thanks in advance v. PAN of the seller, as well as the buyer, should provide mandatorily in an online form (form 26QB) for the provision of information about the real estate transaction. The ability to create information on the sale of real estate and payment of TDS is available on the website ( The SDS should be deducted from the amount paid, whether it is a contractual amount or a circular amount. As a general rule, anyone responsible for the TDS deduction must receive a TAN (tax account number). However, in the case of TDS on land, the buyer is not obliged to receive the TAN.

You must specify details such as name, address, PAN, mobile phone number and electronic user of seller and buyer in Form 26QB. You must also indicate the full address of the property, along with the date of the agreement, the total value of the consideration, the date of payment, etc.