the landlord immediately returns the goods to the tenant and the goods are received and kept by the tenant in accordance with the terms of the lease,100 as if the infringement had not occurred and the owner had not taken possession of them. b) in a case where negotiations leading to the execution of the lease-sale are conducted by a trader, the merchant has 8. (1) Any guarantee or oral or written statement of the owner or trader or a person acting on behalf of the owner or trader in the context or in the context of negotiations with or in the context of Hire-Purchase 19 36A negotiations, made to the tenant or potential tenant, whether oral or written. Any owner, trader, representative or person acting on behalf of the owner and receiving a payment in relation to a rental agreement that is not mentioned in the second calendar, or any payment authorized by this Act, is guilty of an offence under this Act. 30. 1. The terms of a lease-sale agreement, when calculated per year according to the sixth schedule formula, may not exceed a rate per year provided by this Act for goods or product categories. 2. Where a lease-sale agreement is entered into in violation of this section, the tenant may, in writing, compel the lessor signed by the lessor or the enforcement agent, either to breach the nullity contracts or to reduce its liability to the amount of those conditions; and-a) if the tenant chooses to treat the tenancy agreement null and void, the contract is cancelled and the amount paid or made available by the cash payment or any other consideration, by or on behalf of the tenant under the contract, is paid as a debt by a claim against the landlord; b) If the tenant chooses to reduce his liability to the amount of the agreement for the terms, his liability is reduced by that amount and this amount can be deducted by the tenant of the amount that would otherwise be owed under the contract and to the extent that it is not taxed in this way. , can be recovered by the tenant`s action as debt owed to him by the landlord. 11.3 The parties and the postman agreed that if the buyer is a customer of AS LHV Pank (register code: 10539549), the terms and conditions of sale of AS LHV Pank apply in cases that are not governed by the contract. AS LHV Pank`s terms and conditions of sale are available at AS LHV Pank`s offices as well as on the AS LHV Pank ( 1 website. The company undertakes to provide the tenant with the machinery and equipment described in the list and described in this agreement, under the following terms and in accordance with this agreement, and to provide them to the tenant.

(vi) the indication of the address at which the goods are located under the lease-purchase agreement; (a) reopen all accounts already received between the parties; (b) discharge the tenant and any surety of the payment of an amount that goes beyond that amount with respect to the cash price, conditions and other costs, since the court has declared it fair and reasonable to pay; The tenant`s liability is reduced by the amount included in the contract for the terms. The amount may be charged by the tenant on the amount that would or would be owed to the landlord under the agreement and, to the extent that it is not so sloppy, the tenant can be recovered by the landlord as a civil debt.