We have written separately to explain what a shareholder pact is and when it is appropriate to have one. This article contains some of the practicalities of introducing a shareholders` pact and describes the usual provisions you should expect in a standard agreement. The agreement may allow the board of directors to carry out its procedure with a quorum of only two directors. The Board of Directors is responsible for the management and the company. Therefore, the shareholders` pact should facilitate the representation of the board of directors in the best interests of the company`s or company`s stakeholders. A shareholder pact is essential for both majority shareholders and minority shareholders. All of these shareholder models contain provisions regarding the valuation of an outgoing shareholder`s shares, referring to an valuation based on your instructions to an accountant. The evaluation depends on the parameters used, so your instructions are crucial. You can use z.B a multiple of average EBITDA over a number of years or a multiple of average net assets. As a former director of many private and listed companies, he takes into account “real” practical considerations. These agreements are comprehensive on legal and administrative issues. Anti-dilution clauses are generally related to raising capital or issuing additional shares. Dilution is simply a reduction in participation that can be either a dilution of value (economic dilution) or relative property (percentage dilution).

The anti-dilution provisions give an investor the right to maintain proportionate ownership in a company by allowing him to purchase a proportional number of shares of each future issue of the company`s shares at fixed or adjusted prices. Their shareholders` pact should also contain a list of defaults to protect the company and other shareholders from the harmful actions of shareholders. This could be a case of delay: some reservations are set in the 2006 CA (i.e. the creation of a legal right), and others, such as your dividend distribution policy, may be included in a shareholders` pact (i.e. a shareholder pact).