Turkish nationals have a unique right to enter the UK or apply for access to residence to become a person and be conduct themselves. This right derives from the Association Agreement of the European Community (ECAA). This agreement, also known as the Ankara Agreement, dates back to 1973. It may be helpful to get advice from an immigration lawyer to ensure that your application is submitted in a professional and technically correct manner. Yalcin said that after the transition period, the UK should introduce a new one-time immigration system that would encourage talented and skilled migrants to enter the country from early 2021, and “our citizens will be able to apply for visas under the requirements of the new system.” Master Legal Services has extensive experience in processing and organizing business visas. Please contact us today to agree on a first consultation with one of our experienced immigration consultants. The European Community Association Agreement (ECAA) allows Turkish nationals to settle in the UK as workers or in a company under the Ankara Agreement. It also allows them to obtain residence rights in the UK. The old 1973 provisions apply to all ECAA applications, which relaxes the application process. However, an applicant is prevented from receiving the ECAA if it is found to be in violation of UK immigration law. In these circumstances, the applicant is subject to the points-based system currently in place.

A first Turkish business visa is usually valid for 12 months. Under this first grant, the extension of the visa requirement for Turkish entrepreneurs is generally granted for a further three years, as long as the transaction is ongoing and continues to operate in the Uk. If you are unable to provide sufficient evidence that the business is still ongoing and that your profits are sufficient to support you yourself, you can instead take a 12-month leave of absence. Other three-year scholarships may follow. Turkish business owners must continue to work in their business. The advice of an immigration lawyer ensures that your first and extension applications meet the strict requirements of immigration rules. Our clients are international professionals and entrepreneurs who want to relocate and develop their skills and activities in the UK. As you may be able to find out about Brexit and leaving the European Union on 31 January 2020. With this part of the question in the minds of Turkish citizens “Is Ankara Visa Agreement over?”, who would run a business and pass to Britain through the Ankara Visa immigration route agreement.

As part of the Ankara Agreement signed in 1963, an association was established between the Turkish Economic Community and the European Economic Community. Essentially, the agreement paved the way for the “Turkish Entrepreneur Visa” in the UK, which allows Turkish nationals to enter the UK to start a new business or to help run an existing business. However, please note that an applicant cannot be subject to the Ankara agreement if the Ministry of the Interior claims that he has committed fraud. In today`s hostile climate, policymakers regularly try to use the “fraud exception” to reject an ECAA application. The UK officially left the EU at 11pm on 31 January 2020 and ceased to be a member state. However, under the withdrawal agreement, the United Kingdom has secured a transitional period during which the United Kingdom will meet a Member State`s obligations until 31 December 2020. The UK could apply for an extension of no more than two years before 01 July 2020. The Association Agreement of the Turkish European Communities (CEAA) was concluded as part of the Ankara Agreement to promote economic relations between Turkey and the Community.