Under the Danish Workers` Rights to Enterprise Transfer Act, workers` employment contracts are automatically transferred in the event of relocation or changes in service provision. The Labour Act requires that when an employer attempts to transfer a worker to another employer after a business transfer, the transfer is subject to the employee`s agreement and the approval of the contract transfer by an authorized employee of the Ministry of Labour. The Labour Act does not say when to guarantee the agreement of workers. However, getting the agreement before or when the transaction agreement is signed is a proven method to avoid potential problems. This process applies only to the class of workers covered by the Labour Act, i.e. workers or employees. Unless a contract or collective agreement provides for the right or opportunity to claim redundancy amounts, workers who accept a buyer`s offer of employment (either expressly or by maintaining employment) are not entitled to require termination amounts from the seller. If a worker moves from one employer to another without necessarily transferring the business, in the absence of a written agreement between the new employer and the worker, the final benefits must be paid within 2 months of the transfer. These include leave and/or overtime, leave and/or overtime, benefit certificates and other contractual benefits under the worker`s previous terms of employment. (TCO 5) Which of the following options is not part of a good security incident notification program? The automatic transfer of all employment contracts in the event of a business transfer (most often of asset transactions) occurs (regardless of the will of the parties). The obligation to provide information and consultation, if any; or, if there is none, with the staff. Under the EA, EA employees are automatically transferred when a company or part of it is transferred from person to person. As part of the EA, notification and consultation requirements are required for the automatic transfer of EA staff.

Non-EA workers do not automatically change, but must have their contract terminated by the transferor for a business transfer, after which they may be rehired by the purchaser (or terminate their contracts). In the event of a transfer of business or service, workers will automatically pass through the law to the new employer.